Full Scale Dynamics were commissioned to perform dynamics testing as part of validating the design of a newly constructed football stadium in England. This was needed to check natural frequencies of the as-built structural properties and determine acceptability of each grandstand subject to crowd loading in accordance with IStructE design guidance.

On site measurements

We provided validation through the use of two key tests over a period of five consecutive nights. Firstly, an ambient vibration survey of the entire stadium was performed to establish ‘global’ dynamics of multiple stands. This test measured the minute vibrations induced by wind and even nearby road/rail traffic using up to twenty tri-axial accelerometers and is believed to be the first of its sort of this scale. Secondly, modal testing using two electrodynamic shakers provided ‘local’ dynamics of each stand.

Despite challenging conditions caused by the presence of scaffolding between stands, the onset of rain, and a

tight testing schedule, high quality results were obtained and provided sufficient information for the client to understand the suitability of all tested stands.