We are delighted that Thornton Tomasetti, a world-leading scientific and engineering consulting firm, have included CALMFLOOR® product, made by our sister company FSD Active Ltd, in their latest brochure entitled “Life Science Conversions” on the conversion of existing building floors into life science facilities.

CALMFLOOR® technology allows more economical structure by targeting only floor areas requiring vibration control.

Such facilities normally require increasingly stringent vibration requirements under footfall loading. CALMFLOOR® was highlighted as a solution allowing more economical floor structure by targeting only specific areas of the floor to improve damping significantly and only where it is needed. This is a great recognition of the potential of the CALMFLOOR®, a world-first commercial floor active mass damping system.

This is also a major breakthrough for the wider acceptance of the CALMFLOOR® technology as Thornton Tomasetti are in particular recognised for their long-standing and internationally leading consulting expertise in building floor vibrations in healthcare and research facilities. The company developed their own passive damping solutions for building floors. Our CALMFLOOR® active damping solution now complements the existing suite of floor vibration management solutions provided by Thornton Tomasetti.